Welcome To Our Insurance Agency

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find it useful. We are an Insurance Agency in Denver, Colorado. We can insure your Gun Store, indoor or outdoor shooting range, gun or rod club and more. We specialize in these unique risks. Feel free to contact us at any time, if you have any questions or would like a free no obligation quote.

Why Choose Our Agency?

We are a family operated agency, that believes in “good old-fashioned customer service.” No automation when you call our agency, you talk to a live person. No call center neither, you will deal with the same agents, every time.

Our agency also offers multiple insurance companies, for multiple insurance needs.  We are a “one stop shop”. This can be anywhere from SR22 Insurance, to personal auto and home insurance, all the way to Commercial insurance.

From The Owner/Partner

Thanks for visiting my website! I hope it can help you answer questions, or help you get a quote. In August 2007, I started my Agency. After working for a Captive agent for about 6 months, I set out on my own Venture. My vision was to create an independent insurance agency, that could meet multiple needs for consumers. To bring back “good old-fashioned customer service” to the insurance industry, and to create a “one stop shop” for insurance. Since I started my Agency, I have earned an “A” rating from the BBB and NEVER had a single complaint filed against us. My agency has also grown substantially since its inception. We would love to add you to our “family” and sell you an insurance policy that best fits you. If you ever have any questions, concerns or complaints, please contact me directly at (303) 219-4985 or email me at ms.insagency@gmail.com Thanks for stopping by!

Mark A. Schneider (owner/partner)

About Mark A. Schneider

Mark is a big believer in the constitution and the second amendment right. He has been a gun owner, ever since he was 18. Mark is also a big hunter, fisher, camper, hiker, shooter and outdoors person.

 (Mark Schneider, getting ready to shoot his AR 15 in the Rocky Mountains in West Colorado. He Shoots as much as he can.)